Equaide Questions and Answers

What is Equaide Solution?

The Equaide Solution was initially developed for horses for the treatment of excessive granulation tissue, commonly known as proud flesh. While focus was initially on treating proud flesh, it was quickly discovered that Equaide Solution is also effective at treating all types of wounds and skin disorders.

Equaide has also proven itself excellent for treating wire cuts, lacerations, scrapes, punctures, cracked heels and more. Equaide has also been proven safe and effective in use on tendons and ligaments and does not harm healthy tissues.

Equaide is safe for all skin types. It has been proven safe and effective at preventing and eliminating excessive granulation tissue (proud flesh) as well as accelerating wound closure.

The exact formula is considered protected under Trade Mark Secrets, but it is a blend of minerals and activated charcoal in a water base. The Equaide solution starts as a thin paste like substance and once applied to a wound surface dries to a protective “scab like shell” and will adhere to the tissue of a healthy granulation bed. If proud flesh is present Equaide will dissolve the proud flesh tissues back to the healthy level, no further, thus allowing the epithelial tissues (skin) to quickly form over the wound. Equaide solution is also a fly deterrent, which is an added benefit.

What is Equaide Pets?

The Equaide Pets line was launched in October 2018 for pet owners. This formula is a less concentrated version of the original Equaide solution making it ideal for owners to use on their family pets. 

Equaide Pets is suitable for a wide range of animals, including cats, dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs as well as farm animals such as sheep and pigs.

What Equaide products are available?

Equaide Solution is available in 2oz and 5oz pots and a smaller trial size pot (1/2oz).

Equaide Pets is available in 2oz pots.

Is Equaide Solution suitable for competition horses?

Equaide Solution has been used in FEI level horses and does not contain any banned or prohibited substances for competitions. 

Equaide is also safe for use in race horses as there are no prohibited substances in the formula.

Can I use Equaide if infection is present?

If there is evidence of bone infection or other deep infection, it is recommended that you do not use Equaide until the infection is treated. Equaide rapidly closes wounds and if there is an infection, there is the possibility that it will abscess.

Does Equaide work on an old wound, scar or proud flesh?

Yes! For an old wound, scar or proud flesh just scrub or debride the area to facilitate a small amount of blood. Then wash and blot the area dry before applying Equaide and wrap with a non-stick pad. Repeat the second step every day for one week, then every two days until healed.

Do I need to bandage the wound when using Equaide?

Tricky answer… yes and no. If treating a wound, no bandage is required. The Equaide solution will quickly dry to a protective shell over the treated area. While the Equaide solution will stick to the wound, wrapping prevents it from being brushed off in the stable or farm environment. Treatment for wounds, cuts or sores on the body or face do not require bandaging. When treating proud flesh, bandaging is recommended until the granulation bed is level with the skin edges.

How much do I need to worry about removing the residual Equaide on the sides of the wound when cleaning, treating and rebandaging?

For the dry Equaide areas on the wound margins you should wash well and wipe away what you can. If a trace is left Equaide will not damage the tissue, and you can “paint” fresh Equaide over the top. If the Equaide starts to build up on the edges, soak the wound with warm soapy water for several minutes to moisten the areas more, making it easier to remove.

Do I have to stir the Equaide Solution before use?

Yes, the Equaide Solution is required to be stirred well before applying a thin layer of Equaide to the wound.

My Equaide Solution has been stored for a while and now seems dry. Can I still use it?

Yes of course. Equaide is a water-based solution, so if it seems dry simply add two or three drops of water and mix well. All Equaide products also come with a use by date.

How many applications will I get out of a Equaide 2oz pot?

The Equaide Solution is highly concentrated and is applied thinly to any wound surface.  Application is typically done daily for the first week, and if required, every other day thereafter. Naturally the size of the wound and the severity effects the amount of Equaide required.

Are Steroids used in Equaide Solution or Equaide Pets?

NO Alcohol, DMSO or steroids are used in the Equaide Solution or Equaide Pets formulas. 

What are the postage and packaging charges?

The postage and package charges are £3.60 per order and all orders are sent securely packaged by first class post within 24 hours of the order being received.

How can I contact you if I have any further questions or queries?

The best way to contact us is through email at [email protected]. If you would prefer to call you can contact us on 07724 085735. We will always aim to respond to your enquiry the same day and look forward to hearing from you.