NESSA (Trainer and breeder of working gundogs)

One of my Labrador gundogs recently sustained a nasty cut on her foot. I would usually bathe it in warn salt water and leave it to heal, but I’d been given a pot of Equaide Pet, so decided to give it a try, not expecting it to make much difference to the healing process.
Cuts on dog’s feet tend to spread and open out as they heal, which makes me wonder if this is similar to proud flesh in horses, which is what Equaide was developed for, because much to my surprise the foot has healed quicker than I expected, so I would now always keep a pot of Equaide Pet in my first aid box.


I first bought Equaide Approximately 8 years ago for my horse, to heal a nasty Pastern wound that kept filling with granulation tissue. The healing process from that point onwards was amazing, and no scar visible 😀.

My horse also suffers from a skin condition called ‘Leukocytoclastic Vasculitis also known as Hypersensitive Vasculitis. It’s an Equine Photosensitive Autoimmune disease which often affects white socks. It can be confused with mud rash. It is very difficult to treat and very painful.  In desperation I put some Equaide on the affected areas and the sores healed. 

I think that Equaide helps with the healing process, but also because it is dark grey in colour it also blocks out the light which makes the condition worse.

Karley Hubbard (client)

 I can’t recommend equaide enough. My mare sustained an horrific degloving injury to her right hind February 17. We usedequaide on the wound once the stitches were out and proud flesh started toform. Not only did equaide help with the healing of the wound but it kept theflies at bay during the summer months, a real bonus!

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This is Jimmy following a fall on the road.
Jimmy after just one day of applying Equaide
The beautiful Jimmy 3 months later, completely healed and hair grown back. Thank you Equaide.

3 months later the wounds have healed and the hair completely regrown over. We did have a few occasions where the left one reopened from where he would get up from rolling so I just reapplied the Equaide once every time. Great for keeping flies off too. I and others at our yard wouldn’t be without it.



Teresa Davis  recommends Equaide UK South.

Thank you for swift despatch of 

Equaide solution. It really is a miracle worker.

Applied on Monday ,  1st photo. 

Re-dressed Tuesday   2nd photo 

Redressed Wed  3rd photo

Before,  the proud flesh was domed over the entire wound, after the first application the bottom half had flattened almost to skin level.

Second re-dressing saw almost all top section shrink down.

Today saw all shrunk down to almost level of skin.

Photos hard to show bulge gone, but believe me…it has.

Can not wait to see how it looks tomorrow. 

Day 5 of treatment with Equaide! A miracle!