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Sutured Wounds and Equaide

So today we’re going to talk about using Equaide on a wound that has been sutured.

It is always best to leave the wound for a few days after the the sutures have been inserted to give time for the healing process to begin. After this so long as there are no open areas of skin between the sutures Equaide can be applied gently over the area to assist in sealing the skin and deter white hair growth in the scar.

It’s also quite common for sutured wounds to break open regardless of how good it looked when suturing was completed, this happened with a friend’s horse and she then applied  Equaide to the wound and thankfully it  helped with healing the opening.  It also probably helped to prevent infection entering the site.

And of course as always Equaide will prevent proud flesh from forming and keep flies away from the wound.

Am wondering if anyone else has used Equaide on a sutured wound, would love to hear from you if you have.  It’s always so interesting to hear from you all especially of course when you have success stories to share. 


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Equaide and Proud Flesh

Have you or any of your friends struggled to prevent or treat Proud Flesh? We have the perfect solution, it’s Equaide Solution which was originally developed for this very reason, to treat Proud Flesh.

Equiade is a blend of minerals and activated charcoal in a water base, it starts as a thin paste like substance and once applied to a wound surface dries to a protective “scab like shell.” If proud flesh is present the Equaide Solution dissolves the proud flesh tissues back to a healthy level but no further and epithelial tissue can quickly form over the wound.

No matter how careful we all with our equine friends it’s inevitable they will suffer injuries, so why not keep a jar of Equaide in your first aid box “just in case” you may need it. Equaide is perfect for treating cuts, scrapes, cracked heels, sores, punctures, mud fever and wire wounds. Its also anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti- inflammatory and safe to use on all wound types and skin disorders.

Just be aware that any infection that is present must be treated before applying equaide due to the speed of which it heals wounds.

Hope this has been useful and will help your furry friends heal quickly.

Feel free to comment on your experiences with using Equaide, we’d love to hear from you.