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Puppy Love and Kittens Too.

Some customers have been asking if Equaide Pets is safe to use on puppies and kittens and the great news is YES it is! In fact it’s even safe to use on new borns. For a tiny new born puppy or kitten it is recommended either covering the wound after applying Equaide Pets or keeping away from the mother for an hour or two if possible (maybe treat after a good feed) to avoid the mum licking it off before it can be absorbed into the wound and allow healing to progress. Also a mum continuously licking a wound will cause additional unwanted friction. Puppies or kittens over 6 weeks old are of course less likely to have the mum licking it.

And while we are chatting about new borns did you know that Equaide is safe to use on foals even just hour old foals? As they contains only natural ingredients Equaide and Equaide Pets really are safe to use on all your pets big and small. If anyone has experience of using either Equaide on foals or Equaide Pets on puppies or kittens or other young animals please share your stories with us, we would love to hear how it’s healed your furr babies.